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With your help, we can bring home a W for our students and community. For the W is a privately-led campaign to enhance the WGSD Athletic Complex and give it the wow factor needed to re-instill pride in our facilities and attract student athletes and families to our community and schools.

Your gift matters. Your memories matter. Your legacy matters.
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Bronze Leaf
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Foundational Supporter
$25,000 and more
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Multiple gifts from the same donor will be combined to determine total donation amount.

Why is this needed?

  • Proposition S, which was approved by taxpayers in 2022, provides needed improvements, but does not include the features expected in top-notch facilities.
  • One of the first things visitors to Webster Groves see is the athletic complex, which sits at the intersection of a main thoroughfare and an interstate.
  • Our facilities impact the reputation of our community in the region — and our property values.
  • The athletic complex contributes to the confidence of our athletes, students, and community members.
  • The athletic complex plays a significant role in the life of our schools, community, and countless lives of students and coaches.

Who benefits from the WGSD Athletic Complex?

  • High School Teams and Organizations:
    Football, Track & Field, Soccer, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Cheer Team, Marching Band
  • Community walkers, athletes, and families
  • Community property owners and residents
  • Private teams and clubs rent the complex, providing additional visibility to our community
For the W WGSD Foundation Capital Campaign

How much is needed?

WGSD and WGSD Foundation have a $2 million fundraising goal to bring state-of-the-art facilities to our students and community members


We’re more than halfway there. Let’s keep going!

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$2,000,000Raised $1,438,547 towards the $2,000,000 target.$1,438,547Raised $1,438,547 towards the $2,000,000 target.72%

Thank you to our donors

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Laurie Holling Ackles
Jason Adams
Erica Reif Akamine
Becky Allen
Christopher Alt
Amada Senior Care St. Louis
Laura Arnold and David Kimball
Sarah Taylor Asquith
Bray Atherton, Class of 2029
Emma Atherton, Class of 2019
Sara Bailey
Peter & Lauren Bakker-Arkema
Don & Barb Baker
Cassidy Ball, Class of 2019
Chris Ball, Class of 2018
Molly Barrett
William Bassett
Scott Beall, Class of 1961,
In Memory of John McArtor, Class of 1961
Dan & Becky Beck
Greg Beekman
Hedi Benecke, Class of '62
Jim & Melanie Bennett
John & Debra Bennett
John Bickel
Marny Clement Bielefeldt
Douglas Biggs
James Biggs
Bijoux Chocolates
Keith Bill
The Bill & Adams Families
The Binder Family
Kerry Overall Bjorkman
Jill (Kuykendall) Blaylock
Joseph Scott Boing
Therese & Paul Booth
Lisa Bottorff
David Brader, Class of 1996
Marianne Dunstan Brady
The Bronner Family
Tracy Brangle
Dr. Bronner's Family Foundation
Aaron Brooks
Peter Brown, Class of 1962
Kenny Buford
Laura Manche Buhr
Trey Buresch
Jonathan Buss
Andy Butler
Kathy (Wood) Callahan
Susan Smith Camey
Farrell & Dustin Carfield
James Carlton State Farm
Jeff Carson
Susie Chopin
Susan Clark
Vinisha & Jon Clark
Adrian Clayborn
Ned & Judy Cleveland
Susan Clark Cochran
Bob Collett & Laura Lycan
In Honor of Jerry Collins
Jerry & Christine Collins
Mark & Dana Cooley
Patty Corum & Brent Underwood
Sara (Hazel) Costello
Madeline Craig
Fauncy (Bick) DalCanto
Kristan Mont Dames
In memory of Thomas David Daniel, Class of 1952
Mathew Daniels
Judy & Mike Dante
Descendant Boutique
Laurie Davis
Crews Dental
Jennifer Diaz
Julia & Jason Dietl
Tausha and Kurt Dirks
The Doll Family
Ron DuBuque
Tod and Janet Coates Eberle
Gary & Mary Eckman
Holly (Sheffler) Egley
Rob & Kelly Ensor
Kendra Brendel Epstein
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Alicia Farris
Buzz Ferry
First Bank
Kari Fischer
Terry & Sharon Fischer
Missy Fish
Rob & Lisa Forsyth
Julia Fox-Ebenreck
Elizabeth Hayes Fox
Peter & Susan Frane
Pam and Craig Frazier
Dan Fugate
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Madison Fuller
Joseph Garzia
The Gathering
John George
Richard Gilbert
Sarah Ginn, Class of 1965
Robert Givens
Erin and David Glarner
Brent Gleckler
Lenore Glore
Curtis Goad
Ann (Lambert) Good
Tony Gragnani
Anne Hager
The Hahn Family
Lyra Hall
Greg Hammond
Preston Haney
Cheryl Adkins Haney
Savannah Haney, Class of 2023
Mick Hanrahan
Ted & Debbie Happel
Brian Harkins '80
Matthew & Stacy Harp
Art Hartung
Lisa Broeckelmann Haughton
Becky & Eric Hauser
Tom Havrilka
Bill Hayward, Class of 1966
The Hebel Family
The Doug Herman Family
Todd Herrman
Amanda Heuermann
Robert Heuermann
Dean Christopher Himes
The Hinyard-Lash Family
Jim Hill, Kate Keegan, and Families
Andrew Hittler
Jason Hodge
Jeffrey Hodgson
Lynda Hoffman
Kent Hofmeister
Dave Hogan
Eric & Amy Holland
Kevin & Meg Holliday
Vicky Holway
Holy Redeemer Athletic Association
Pam Hubbard
David Howerton
Ted Ibur
Matt Ikemeyer
Matt Irvin
Don and Annette Isselhard
Sam Ivy
Barbara (Brown) Jacobs
Lynne Jackson
Michael Jenkins
Mel Jernigan, Class of 1980
Bill Johnson, Class of 1978
Dennis Charles Johnson
Robert Johnson
David & Jennifer Johnson
Mark Ryan Jones
Chris K. Jones
Jen Joplin
Andy & Wrenn (Terrill) Kates
Meg Mullgardt Kaupp
Ann (Barnes) Kay
John Keane
Suzie Calvin Kearins, Class of 1980
Chrstine Keller
John and Bethany (Sullivan) Keller
Heather Kelley & Paul Allen
Megan King
Jenna Klenke-Galbreath
David & Nancy Knight
Dave Knight
Rev. John & Elaine Kotovsky
Dave James Krobot
Gregory Krobot
Connie Kroenung
Rebecca Cook Krueger
Kullman, Klein & Dioneda, P.C.
Jim & Laura Lally
Anne Heltibrand Lamitola
Kim Landry
Dr. Joseph T. Lane
Bron Launsby
Julie Lawder
The Lee Family ('92, '20, '23)
Krisan (Mindak) Lewis
Jane Ward Lindberg
Susannah (Schweiss) Livingston
Llywelyn's Pub
Patrick & Joanna Lodes
Sara Losse, Class of 1964
Laura Lycan, Class of 1980, Bob Collett, Class of 1979
Bernie Machen
Madison, Elise, Max
Douglas Mager
Chris & Jenny Marsh
Kat, Quentin, Elliot & Brady Marsh
Chris & Abby Marshall
Jessica (Brown) Marshall
Yolanda Marshall
Jim & Kathy Martin
Patrice Mathews and Mark Wunsch
Beth & Art Matteotti
John McAtee, Jr.
The McAvin Family
Scott McClelland
Alan McIlroy
James McMillen
Jeff & Lisa McPherson
Ann McReynolds
Tara Mechem
Sue Mehring
Delawnes Ware Melton
Tom Merker
Christopher Milhill
Logan Reann Milford
Mission Taco Joint
Gentry Moss Moellenhoff
Judy Wood Moeller
Catherine & Patrick Moriarity
Joy Morr
The Morrison Family
Barry Morrison
Cary and Tanya Morrison
Mosquito Squad of Greater St. Louis
Candice Moss
Lauren Moxey
Ellen Mrazek
Aimee and Mike Muldrow
Valerie Mullan
Meg Nash
Nehring Design
Peter Neidorff
Betsy (Carson) Nelms
André Nelson
Tricia & Bill Nieman
Christy Bland Nisbett
O+O Hospitality
In memory of Scott Oliphant, Class of 1986
Crystal and Steve O'Loughlin
Carrie O'Neill
Peter Odman
Emily Odum
Melissa Orwig Lang
Doug Orms, '59
Joe & Andrea Osdieck
Joseph Osdieck, DDS
Sam Osdieck, Class of 2025, Charlie Osdieck, Class of 2027
Lisa & Shawn Owens
The Padrucco Family
Harry Pappas
Sarah Craig Pauls
The Peacock Family
David Peacock
Ryan Pearl
Nancy (Jacobs) Pearl
Carl Peper
Frank & Molly Peterson
Rick Peterson
In Honor of Coach Jon Petter
Grady Phelan
Joe Powers
Mary Preuss
Kirk Rain
Jennifer Redmond
The Reed Family
Kathleen Ruby Reiner
In memory of Randy Richardson, Class of 1959
Carole Lyn (White) Riesenberg
Gary F Riley Jr
Julia (Eubanks) Ringkamp
Sarah & Gregory Riss
Madeline Roche
RSI Kitchen & Bath
Jane Russell
Anne Ward Sabbert
Skip Salveter, Class of 1954
Laura Sammon
Mary Sandman
Tara Scheer
Thomas Schenck
Carl Schloemann
Sophie Schneiders
Mia Schnieders
David & Barrett Schroeder
David Schroeder, Class of 1997
Virginia Wilver Schumacher
Kurt & Betsy Schwager
Qu’ron “Katsup Sauce” Scott
Allan Scott
In memory of Karen Scott, Class of 1971
Pete & Erin Scribner
The Scribner Family
Robert Sellers
Kevin & Carole (Summers) Shaw, Class of 1975
Laura Short
Julie (Riemer) Simonson
John & Stephanie Simpson
Raese & Ann Simpson
The Skoglund Family
Pamela Slane
Bret Slane
Dr. Ellen Slicker, Class of 1965
Tyler Smith
Harley Smith
Gregory A. Smith, Denise Nitzsche Smith
Bob Smutz, Class of '49
Steve Snyder
Richard Snyder, father of Rick Snyder, Class of 1984
Patricia Manthei Soncasie
Jason Spann
Lynn Brackman Spellecy
Dan & Ellen Sprick, Class of 1976
Brent St. John
St. Louis Union Station
Rhea Stagner
Shannon Tate Steimel
The Stisser Family
Colleen & Dan Stockenberg
Bradley Stout
Straub's Markets
Tommy Stuber
Charles Stucke
MaryAnne Supic
Joel Svoboda Real Estate Team
Christopher Swenson
Scott Szevery
Karen Jernigan Takacs
Mary Tate
Estate of Hugh Taylor, Class of 1963
Matt Teague
Zachary Tebb
Telle Tire
The Terrill Family
Victor Thompson
Michael Tierney
Allen Todd
In Memory of Richard Tompkins, Class of 1959
Irene Travis
Amanda Vader
Pete Van Cleave
Emilie Vaughan
Dean Vazis
Tim Velten
Frank Voertmann, Class of 1955
Aimee Vogt
Patricia Voss
Jim & Sally Wachtman
Dr. Shantay Wakefield
In Memory of Bill Ward, Class of 1955
Jan and Wes Wathey
Karen Bernard Wegmann, Class of 1962
Diana Weir
Mike Welch
Erin Fuller Werries
Daniel Wessel
Wetzel Meehan Family
WGHS Class of 1963
Jack Wheeler
Mark David Whitener
Bob & Sara Wichard
Bill & Diann Wichman
Darren Wilhite
Donna Decker Williamson
Shane Williamson
Eric & Michele Willis
Mark Winkelmann
Janet Winkelmann
William Witler, Class of 1967
William Robert (Bill) Witler
Jeff & Jami Wolfe
Craig Allen Wrisberg
Doug Yaeger, Class of 1967
Bob Yates
Erdinc Yilmaz
The Yoder Family
John Yonker
Kendall Young
Tom and Sam Young
Jennifer Jess Young
Karen Younger, Class of 1963
The Zareh Family
Jen (Manougian) Zoller

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